Rerelease set for January

Hope everyone's playing and enjoying the game.
I've hit over 1000 downloads and am quite happy about it.

The re-release with corrected errors, redone battle frequency, and general awesomeness is set for January 2007. I will need the time over the Christmas break to fix a few more things. This is also just in time for the Misaos.

Any questions, drop me a line here.



Hello! Welcome to my Feedback/Help site for my new RPG game "The Sword and the Fish (the second greatest story ever told)"

Before you read farther: Haven't downloaded and played any of the game yet?


If you've got anything at all to say or ask about, see the subjects below and comment away. I'm very curious to hear any thoughts. A key reason I released this online was to further beta test it to asure quality when I release a second (and final) version. On the sidebar you can find all sorts of information about the game, from maps and character descriptions to music downloads.

The Sword and the Fish was begun in 1999 when I got a hold of RM2000 off a friend and my brother Tyler and I began a silly story about a hick from a small cult town. I have a tendancy not to quit on working ideas, and SatF never ceased to work. Thus, over 6 years I continued to work on the story as it grew and grew to become one of the biggest and grandest RPGs around. It is a perfect medium. Entire creative control at my fingertips and a simple-to-grasp technical basis. The end result is the 1500 map completed version 1 of the game that wrote itself after halfway through.

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it (except the year and a half of testing - that was TEDIOUS) and this sites for anyone to satisfy any outside-of-game lust for more content and information. And to let your voice be heard!

Any general kudos or concerns that don't fit into any categories? Overall assesments?
Comment here.

Remember: Your hygiene doesn't matter - you're a dead little boy.

- Joel Minty.


Please leave any questions concerning THE SWORD AND THE FISH here.

I tried to keep things from becoming confusing, but there were a few times I had to add lines describing what you should do. In addition to questions about where to go and what to do, I will answer any questions concerning the game: how to get it running, original conception, keyboard buttons to use, and how to do certain things using the RPG2000 editor that I did. Got a noodle-baker? Maybe concerned something might be an error but aren't sure? Query here.


Please leave any feedback concerning THE SWORD AND THE FISH'S plot here.

The plot really hops about at first before settling down and getting more involved. This is due to the fact I never really expected a cohesive plot to emerge from our tinkering. But I think that adds a certain charm, as it avoids cliched beginnings. I tried to walk the tight rope between RPG parody and cliche. But some things I consider sparklingly original. Were you engaged by the story or did it meander too much? What did you think? Comment here.


Please leave any feedback concerning THE SWORD AND THE FISH'S characters here.

The characters are my favorite thing in this game. Most are original RTP, but some have been made by me, including almost every upgraded hero. There are a great many characters, from the likes of Clifford, Edge, Penelope and Princess Headbutt to more minor players like Alligator Girl, Rembrandt, Kit, A-Rat and Janga. I tried to develope personalities as the story progressed. How did I do? Which characters are your favorite/least favorite and why? Comment here.


Please leave any feedback concerning THE SWORD AND THE FISH'S maps here.

There are a great many maps, some big some small, and some most likely not found at all. I tried to really connect the maps with their associated battle backgrounds. As the game progressed, I found myself augmenting more maps to fit what I wanted. Particularily in Mako Red. I've gone back and fixed lots of maps that simply made no sense with my cleaner skills picked up over the years. Which map's your favorite? Which secrets could you find? Comment here.


Please leave any feedback concerning THE SWORD AND THE FISH'S music here.

I employ all the standard RTP tracks, but believe they are apt for each scenario when employed. As the game goes on more intricate and admitingly taxed from other RPG songs begin to appear. The greatest part of the game's music is the original score written by Tyler. These tracks really give the game its flavour. They can be heard and downloaded in the MUSIC section on the sidebar. What did YOU think of the music? Comment here.