Please leave any feedback concerning THE SWORD AND THE FISH'S characters here.

The characters are my favorite thing in this game. Most are original RTP, but some have been made by me, including almost every upgraded hero. There are a great many characters, from the likes of Clifford, Edge, Penelope and Princess Headbutt to more minor players like Alligator Girl, Rembrandt, Kit, A-Rat and Janga. I tried to develope personalities as the story progressed. How did I do? Which characters are your favorite/least favorite and why? Comment here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so far my favorite are both clifford and forgor...
clifford because he's so fucking cool... and forgor... well because i noticed his growth in personality as the story progressed. first he was a spoiled selfish prince now he developed into a man... good show so far

5:08 AM  
Blogger Joel Minty said...

Hey, thanks man!

Forgor is kind of your second-in-command too. He ends up becoming one of the most powerful heroes, I find. And come on: Anyone who has a spell that can attract a collection of carnies to attack the enemy - that's awesome.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zack is cool... but he can be a treacherous bitch sometimes... please tell me he only "surprises" you twice... i kind of depend on his death spells... they work great even on the 7 demons. as far as the game it is awesome. a few twigs here and there but awesome a perfect 10 in my book... character developement is great, and your references to popular literature and pop culture is a great add-on to the video game genre.

9:02 PM  
Blogger Joel Minty said...

Hey man, thanks a lot!
I love a hearty kudos. It took a lotttttt of work and time.

Zak is a bizatch. I believe he only surprises you twice. I have trouble remembering. There's a doozy near the end, whether it be 2nd or 3rd or whatever though.

Zak was designed by taking Bender from Futurama, Shadow from FF3, Spike from Buffy, and Jon Theodore and mixing them all together.

His death spells are being restricted in the re-release soon to be. I want him to be powerful for reasons not just insta-death.

I like to think there's at least a few jokes that go over the head of even the keenest culture junkie.

Still love the WHALE reference in that fur warehouse in Frosty Camp...

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh... found a glitch joel... for the last boss you cannot insta death him... if you do he does die technically... but ya just try it out it was entertaining i had to fight him like 5 times before i understood not to use insta death

9:57 AM  
Blogger Joel Minty said...

It's been fixed.
I swear I fixed insta-death stuff pre-release, but apparently not.

Either way it's been fixed for 1.2

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Echo said...

Two ways to pick favorites - for their talents and for their personalities. Clifford is a treat both ways. Sweet C, Quadlink, Presto and Zak are my favorites on personality. Zak and Sweet C (for "intimidating noises") are on the talent side as well, along with anybody who knows "Bless."

Risco pissed me off over the pirates and it only got worse with the pirate captain's last speech before dying, which was so sad! I know I have to level Risco up but I use him reluctantly because I just don't LIKE him.

Shen Zii is just boring, and Sasha's initially fun personality seems to have disappeared, but maybe I've missed some side quests for them.

11:41 PM  

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